Shibori Dyeing workshop at Ideas Block, 4th of October, 19.00

All those interested in participating in this workshop we recommend to register by sending a message to Ideas Block LT, as we have a limited amount of spaces.

Shibori is a traditional Japanese textiles dyeing technique, where by folding, tying, stitching, twisting, compressing a fabric, patterns are created.

During the workshop, while enjoying a cup of tea, we will talk about a variety of textiles dyeing techniques and dyes, answer the questions you might have, and, most importantly, everyone will get a chance to experiment with Shibori dyeing and create something unique.

Bring a white (or coloured) t-shirt, skirt, pillowcase, or just any fabric you wis to dye. Everything that is made from natural fibre is good for dyeing – COTTON or LINEN are the best (synthetic or semi-synthetic fabrics do not dye or dye in very pale tones).

We will dye all the white fabrics and other colours will be bleached.

We wil provide you with dyes and all the tools needed.

Workshop duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Fee: 10 €

Workshop will be held in LIthuanian and/or English (depending on the requirements of the participants.


Tekstilės Shibori dažymo dirbtuvės

Dėl riboto vietų skaičiaus rekomenduojame pranešti apie savo dalyvavimą iš anksto, siunčiant žinutę Ideas Block LT

Shibori – tai tradicinė audinių dažymo ir marginimo technika, atkeliavusi iš Japonijos, kur lankstymo, rišimo, siuvimo, suspaudimo, susukimo, suvyniojimo pagalba yra išgaunami raštai.

Dirbtuvių metu prie puodelio arbatos pakalbėsime apie įvairias dažymo technikas, dažų tipus, atsakysime į jums kilusius klausimus, na ir svarbiausia, visi galės patys paeksperimentuoti su shibori dažymu bei pasigaminti šį tą unikalaus.

Atsinešk baltus (ar kitos spalvos) marškinėlius, sijoną, pagalvėlę ar tiesiog bet kokį audinį, kurį norėtum nusidažyti. Viskas tinka, kas yra pagaminta iš natūralaus pluošto, tokio kaip MEDVILNĖ ar LINAS (sintetinė ar pusiau sintetinė tekstilė nenusidažys ar nusidažys labai neryškiai).

Visus jūsų atsineštus baltus audinius dažysime, o spalvotus – balinsime.

Dažais bei kitomis priemonėmis pasirūpinsime mes.

Dirbtuvių trukmė – 1.5 – 2 valandos

Kaina: 10 €

Užsiėmimas vyks lietuvių arba/ir anglų kalba (pagal dalyvių pageidavimus).

Textiles & Surface Design Course at Ideas Block

Today I am starting Textiles & Surface Design course at Ideas Block.

Everyone who wishes to learn something new, deepen their knowledge or is planning to study textiles/ surface design/ graphic design/ illustration course abroad or in Lithuania, are welcome to join the series of workshops.

We will be creating and developing portfolio, working with creative projects throughout all stages: from idea to the final outcome. We will analyse worldwide trends and challenge ourselves in creating something new.

What we are going to do during the course:

-Formulate project ideas and practice in presenting them
-Create moodboards – visual project presentations
-Explore textures and patterns
-Create patterns and show them in context using computer software
-Experiment with a variety of techniques: paper/ fabric/ wood decoration or deformation, collage, drawing, fabric dyeing, embroidery
-Analyse everyone’s individual ideas and find the best technical solutions for their development


We will start the course with a free workshop/ meeting where we will present the course and get to know each other, talk about individual needs of each participant, the materials and tools we’ll be using during the course.

We will offer a project for the participants, which they will be able to develop in their personal ways with individually chosen materials and techniques. Those who already have ideas for a project will be given an opportunity to develop them.

We will provide basic materials and tools for workshops, also will assist in finding particular materials and tools for individual requirements.

Duration of the course: 2 months (8 workshops)

Price: 70 €

Language: Lithuanian or/and English. All the course theory material will be available in English.

All those interested in participating please register by sending an email to or by Facebook message!