Textured Cities – Art & Stationery

Textured Cities Art and Stationery Collection

Textured Cities is a collection of original art pieces and handmade notebooks inspired by travelling. It represents the places I lived in or travelled to. Through these pieces I somewhat tell the story of my life, reflecting personal memories, observations and feelings towards each city or country. It is all expressed in detailed hand drawn and embroidered patterns, textures and colours.

This collection is a continuous body of work and I hope to see it greatly expanding over the years. Furthermore, I hope it will inspire the viewers to change their surroundings and seek new experiences, notice the smallest details in their everyday lives.

So let’s take a journey of exploration!

Find inspiration behind the collection on my Pinterest board.


The notebooks feature photographs taken while travelling or living in different cities combined with hand drawn, embroidered details.

Map Art

Each piece of art is placed in a recycled frame in this way accentuating the journey and movement: going from one hand to another, from one place to the other together with a previous story.