Embroidered Notebooks Collection for the Movie The Morning After Fundraising Campaign

A collection of handmade embroidered notebooks made for a self-distribution campaign for the movie The Morning After. The notebook covers feature the scenes of the film, drawing attention to a red button, a key detail of the film’s mystery. The button is followed by a red thread hand embroidered across the covers. Some of the notebooks have an actual button sewn on top.

Handmade Amate Mexican Paper Notebooks

These notebooks feature intricate hand drawn patterns on a traditional Mexican Amate paper cover. The drawings blend in with the textures of each piece of paper used for a notebook. They are done using watercolour and coloured inks. Some of them have hand embroidered details. The notebooks come in standard or pocket sizes.

Fabric Cover Notebooks

These notebooks feature a variety of hand dyed fabric covers. Abstract dreamlike patterns are created using tie dye Shibori technique, whether applied using fibre reactive dyes or discharging the original colours. The notebooks come in standard and pocket sizes, as well as in a form of hard cover journals.

Digital Pattern Notebooks

These notebooks feature digital print covers of a variety designs created by collaging hand drawn imagery, photographs and digitally generated patterns. Geometric shapes, kaleidoscopic patterns and dreamlike abstractions are dominant theme among the notebooks designs. The notebooks come in standard and pocket sizes.

Other Stationery Products

Other paper stationery products are greeting cards, gift tags and bookmarks, all of which feature original ink and watercolour hand drawings. Dreamlike fluid splashes are seamlessly combined with structured geometric patterns. In some occasions a few hand drawn details are included. All the products are unique and one of a kind.