Patterns of Tijuana – Textiles & Stationery

Patterns of Tijuana. Autumn/Winter Collection for Scarves and Notebooks

This Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection of handmade scarves and notebooks, featuring soft blues, purples and earthy tones, is inspired by the textures and patterns of Tijuana, found in the old decayed buildings, grated windows and entrances, electricity lines and the landscapes of the city.

To see the inspiration behind the collection please visit this and this Pinterest board.


All the scarves are made out of a thin fresh linen fabric, hand dyed using fibre reactive dyes that bond very well with the material, leaving long-lasting colours. A few of the scarves have hand embroidered details with fading textures adding extra sensuality to each of them.


There are two types of notebooks within the collection: fabric and digital print cover. Fabric notebooks feature the same colour combinations and patterns as scarves. Digital print cover notebooks feature images of Tijuana’s buildings and landscapes, drawing a close connection with ‘Textured Cities’ collection. The covers are printed photographs with hand drawn and embroidered details. The pages of all the notebooks are made out of brown and white recycled papers.