Origin – Botanical Textiles & Stationery

Origin. Botanical Textiles Collection

Origin is a collection and an ongoing project of textiles products for fashion, home and stationery, featuring organic compositions, patterns and colours found in the surroundings, while addressing nature’s inseparable connection with man-made structures.

Natural materials, such as linen and cotton, as well as woollen embroidery threads, are all dyed using botanical dyes. The variety of purple to brown tones are created with chokeberries, ashberries, hawberries, leaves or wood bark, while yellow, orange or pink colours come from onion skins and avocados. Patterns generated in the dyeing process using Shibori technique are merged with organic embroidery structures resembling those found in nature, all around us, looking from afar or getting into microscopic details.

Throughout the collection ideas of sustainability and ecology are explored. Starting with plants, this collection explores various techniques for natural dyeing, also focusing on research for more sustainable options, such as bacteria-based dyes.

It is an ongoing project, expanding in various fields and materials, all about experimenting and looking for new ways of creating patterns, materials, products. Origin invites everyone to look closely, explore and seek understanding of our origins, finding and appreciating the universal structures.

Find out more about the process and observations during the beginning of this project here. See my Pinterest board for the inspiration behind it. And follow the future experiments by subscribing to my blog at the bottom of the page or Instagram.

Linen scarves

Lightweight linen material and woollen threads from a local farm dyed with various berries, onion skins and leaves, creating soft pastel tones. Embroidered by hand creating organic natural patterns.

Pillow covers

Cotton and linen fabrics used for these pillow covers are dyed in pastel tones with berries, onion skins and leaves, using Shibori technique to create organic structured and abstract patterns.


Notebooks with illustrated handmade paper covers. Painted with berries, details drawn by hand using coloured pens. Pages are made out of a 100% recycled paper. Notebooks are hand-bound using natural colour hemp cord.