Neurogenesis Art Installation for Lights Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania

Last weekend I took part in the annual lights festival Beepositive in Vilnius, Lithuania. In collaboration with a multidisciplinary artist Roberto Becerra we created an art installation based on this year’s theme – Nature’s Industry. The subject perfectly matched both of our interests, being a recurrent topic of personal work and research.

Our interdisciplinary textiles and light installation Neurogenesis (the growth and development of nervous tissue) invites to explore exponentially developing Artificial Intelligence industry. An industry that successfully uses nature’s structures in order to become an independent organism, leading its own life, surpassing the skills and intelligence of humanity, reaching the technology singularity.

This illuminated 3D textiles composition represents the current perception and understanding of the human brain structure, illustrating the flow of electrical impulses, becoming an independently functioning entity.

The installation was made of layered fabrics and threads imitating the neural network with energy travelling through the LED lights, programmed to change their speed depending on the sounds picked up from the surroundings.

Our piece was installed in a forest, connecting with the trees around, blending in with its root-like structures of the brain. This natural structure became a subject of interpretation, the viewers found it was resembling a spider-web, tree branches or other structures, which only strengthens the idea of everything around being composed of the same natural patterns.


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