I am attracted to patterns and textures of things, how they react to and change within their environment. Fascinated by all the natural structures that surround us, whether found in plants, man-made objects, or arrangement of cities. To explore this I choose travelling, where I gather information and inspiration from cities and culture, land and environment.

My inspirations feed the creation and development of detailed illustrations, hand dyed, embroidered textiles products, or notebooks. Often dreamlike, combining memories and impressions, fractured patterns, subtle textures and faded tones.

I enjoy a natural feel of things, therefore like to use natural materials, especially linen for my textiles products, and recycled papers for the notebooks. I also experiment with natural dyes and seek finding new more sustainable ways for production processes.

The whole story of my brand can be tracked far back. It first started with random art expressions as a kid, that later led to attending an art school in my home city Vilnius, Lithuania. Continued with textiles studies in the same city, which soon made me realise that it was time to explore different possibilities. So I moved to Edinburgh, where I continued with textiles speciality. After graduation I spent some time in Amsterdam, where the business ideas were strengthened. It was followed by a year in Liverpool, a place where I made my first products to sell and opened an online shop. That was the beginning of turning passion into work.

The development continued in Mexico, where I lived for over two years, exploring the local culture, nature and folk art. Right now I am back in Europe, in my home country, exploring the changes and creating new ways for the future.

Now I am spending my days in our studio-shop/creative space/cafe Ideas Block LT in Vilnius. Here you can find a variety of my handmade products, as well as other designers and artists’ works. Visit us at Pylimo st. 60-18, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Have some interesting ideas? Would like to make a wholesale order? Feel free to contact me with your inquiries! I am up for collaborations, exhibitions, freelance work and conversations.

Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I also share my creative inspirations on Ideasblock, and travel adventures on Road Patterns blog.