Goodbye Party – Event. Material and Product Sale

It is the time for a new stage in personal and creative life – we are leaving Tijuana, where we lived for the past 2 years. Heading for new adventures!

For this occasion I will be having an event on the 12th of March at Estudio164 in Tijuana. It is a goodbye party and an art garage sale. Here I am planing to sell and give away things that I can’t take with me, such as materials, books and some of my handmade products. I would be happy to find new homes for all these items that kept me company for a while, and now are ready to travel, become parts of new stories.

Things you might find at the event:

  • Paints, ink, paintbrushes, pencils and pens
  • Fabrics (plain and hand dyed)
  • Paper
  • Art and other interesting books
  • Art pieces and handmade products

And of course there will be some snacks and drinks + fun!

Here is the poster (in Spanish) and the page for the event. See you there!

Venta de garage


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