On the Road

I am counting the last days in Tijuana. I can’t tell you where we are moving to just yet… because we don’t know that ourselves! But for sure I will keep you up to date. You can always check the trip we are taking on my Instagram profile! I will be posting all the news over there.

Now it is the last week to order from my online shop and Etsy. After that I will have to take a brake and reorganise things. I am not sure when I will be opening up my shops again, so this is your chance! While the shops are closed you will be able to see the samples of my work in here, just go to Portfolio section. And, of course, you can always contact me with your questions, I will be happy to help.

As you might know I also have a shop for products featuring Mexican folk textiles. Right now the future of this shop is very uncertain so you might as well use a chance to get the last items left in the shop. Find Folk Rhythm on Etsy. This shop will stay open while we travel in Mexico and there is a coupon code that you can use to get a 25% discount, just enter FINALSALE at the checkout.

Enjoy before we depart!

Goodbye Party – Event. Material and Product Sale

It is the time for a new stage in personal and creative life – we are leaving Tijuana, where we lived for the past 2 years. Heading for new adventures!

For this occasion I will be having an event on the 12th of March at Estudio164 in Tijuana. It is a goodbye party and an art garage sale. Here I am planing to sell and give away things that I can’t take with me, such as materials, books and some of my handmade products. I would be happy to find new homes for all these items that kept me company for a while, and now are ready to travel, become parts of new stories.

Things you might find at the event:

  • Paints, ink, paintbrushes, pencils and pens
  • Fabrics (plain and hand dyed)
  • Paper
  • Art and other interesting books
  • Art pieces and handmade products

And of course there will be some snacks and drinks + fun!

Here is the poster (in Spanish) and the page for the event. See you there!

Venta de garage